Mounties "Waking Up on Time" (video)

Mounties 'Waking Up on Time' (video)
While, true, Mounties debut LP Thrash Rock Legacy is a well-done collection of hooks-laden indie pop, the tracks just aren't as mesmerizing as the illuminated obelisk dropping itself into every scene of the band's new "Waking Up on Time."

Yes, we get to see sirs Steve Bays, Ryan Dahle and Hawksley Workman bust out the gently rocking number from a practice space, but let's just focus for a moment on what seems to have put every other figure in this video in a trance. The shining, sci-fi sculptural piece seems to be able to place itself into living rooms, horse stables, skate parks and onto city streets. Whether a middle-aged churchgoer, some skate rats, a curious mutt or a blood-soaked wanderer, they all seem attracted to the mysterious presence.

Maybe, if they're lucky, it's some sort of transport vessel to one of the upcoming Mounties tour dates. You'll find the video down below, and the group's show info over here.