Mounties "Pretty Respectable" (video)

Mounties 'Pretty Respectable' (video)
After officially launching their debut set Thrash Rock Legacy, Mounties have now let loose a space exploration-themed video for the set's "Pretty Respectable."

The video was uploaded today (July 3) by the band's Steve Bays, who noted that he "made this video over the course of a few flights." First we see Bays' recent run-in with Trailer Park Boys character Jim Lahey (a.k.a. actor John Dunsworth), who delivers a drunken, slurred-out intro to the track. As the song kicks in, Bays syncs up his group's shooting star synths and Hawksley Workman's jet-powered drum rumble with shots of soaring shuttles and the goings-on at ground control.

The self-delivered video is, ahem, pretty respectable, and you can catch it down below.