Mounties "Merry Christmas Maybe"

Mounties 'Merry Christmas Maybe'
Vancouver's Light Organ Records imprint released its Sleighed Christmas compilation yesterday (November 26), but in case you haven't already picked up the label's annual slice of holiday cheer, it is now serving up a preview of Canadian supergroup Mounties' contribution, "Merry Christmas Maybe."

Some lavish, slapback-heavy six-stringing conjures more of an island-pop vibe, à la Vampire Weekend, but sirs Steve Bays, Hawksley Workman and Ryan Dahle manage to spike the song with a double-dose of rummy winter spirit via the use of sleigh bells and some lines about the crunch of fallen snow.

You can hear the holiday number down below.

As previously reported, Sleighed also features seasonally-minded tracks from Fake Shark Real Zombie, the Fugitives, JPNSGRLS and Frederick.