"Headphones" (alternate video)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Jan 15, 2015

It's hard to believe, but it's been just shy of two years since Canadian pop-rock defenders Mounties introduced themselves with their first single, "Headphones." Back then, they used some creepy found footage of skeleton puppets to help to get their groovy point across, but now the trio are literally invading someone's headspace in a sparkling new video clip.

We already knew about the song's sunny bounce, cowbell conks and wi-fi-favouring vocal harmonies, so the real treat is the evolved set of visuals from director Chris Mills (Modest Mouse, Interpol). The hi-gloss clip presents a woman strapping a massive set of cans on her melon, which magically lets us gaze upon everything that's going on in her dome. This includes seeing the Mounties crew slip-sliding their way around the playground that is their host's central nervous system, as well as cranking out their pop rock tune.

They've wriggled their way into your consciousness before, and you can let them do it all over again by giving the updated video a peep down below.

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