Mountains Unfold The Furnace

While the majority of Stateside ambient metal bands have become complacent in their popularity and cultish status as genre leaders, there's been a serious threat gaining strength, conviction and might to the north. Dubbed Mountains Unfold, this blazing quartet have been developing the patient malice and composed execution of a serial killer stalking their prey, savouring every moment. Their particular ritual ― amassing sludgy, atmospheric riffs and ramming them down with sordid, black metal-inspired vocals ― reveals itself fully on four-song EP The Furnace. From the epic girth of "Pure In Pure" through to the title track, these 23 minutes of monolithic dirge contrasted by soft, lilting guitar melodies and droning rhythms are the beautiful, embracing, unforgettable moonlight in which these blood-soaked murderers dance. (Independent)