Mount Eerie Debuts New Song "Stone Woman Gives Birth to a Child at Night"

He also performed the recent single "Huge Fire"

Photo: Sharon Steele

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jul 13, 2023

Mount Eerie's Phil Elverum debuted a new song called "Huge Fire" back in January. Now, he has performed another new track, this one titled "Stone Woman Gives Birth to a Child at Night."'

Elverum appeared on Brussels, Belgium's Radio 1 earlier this month, where he was interviewed and played a couple of new songs. He performed a solo electric version of "Huge Fire," and debuted the brand new "Stone Woman Gives Birth to a Child at Night."

He introduced the song by explaining the title, saying, "I read that phrase in a book and I didn't understand it, and so I wrote a song about trying to understand that phrase. It's like a Zen quote. A mystery."

Hear the new song in the player below. The full session is over at Radio 1's website; Elverum shows up around the 26:40 mark in the program.

In the interview, Elverum says that he has recently set up a new studio and is steadily working on new music.

Recently, Elverum appeared on the NTS Radio show Plastic Language, where he sang an a capella piece called "Night Palace" and read a couple of poems. Hear that below.

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