Mount Eerie "To the Ground"

Mount Eerie 'To the Ground'
Lo-fi hero Phil Elverum may have two albums coming out this year from his Mount Eerie project, but the indie artist apparently has even more songs squirreled away, as he's just announced a new seven-inch single.

Down below you can hear new number "To the Ground," which acts as the A-side to a limited seven-inch single that comes out April 10 via Atelier Ciseaux. What starts off as a slow-burning indie jam turns into a mix of tabla hits, freeform piano tinklings, an electronic metronome, and soft and shushed vocals. The B-side houses "The Mouth of Sky (M.I.D.I. Strings Version)."

As previously reported, Mount Eerie next album, Clear Moon, comes out May 22 through P.W. Elverum and Sun.