Motorpsycho Heavy Metal Fruit

Bands like Nebula wish they could be this spaced-out. However, after 20 years and 13 previous albums ― not to mention being Norwegian, which is about as odd as you can get ― it's no wonder that this borderline-experimental trio manage to find some of hard rock's trippiest grooves and mind-melting harmonies so readily. A massive ordeal to swallow in its six-song/one-hour length, one must be properly medicated (or sedated) to fully grasp the levels, complexities and interplay going on here. Still, when finally ingesting the whole experience, one either feels like they've tackled the musical Mount Everest or they're set for a cell beside Syd Barrett, who was clearly an influence on the astral explorations. Impressively tight, creative and engaging for their third effort in two years, Heavy Metal Fruit assures that as some bands age, they can actually become even more entertaining and beguiling. (Rune Grammofon)