Motor Unhuman

Not even a year after releasing their debut album, Klunk, and finishing a tour with industrial act Nitzer Ebb, UK-based producers Mr. No and Bryan Black return with their second album, Unhuman, delivering frenetic beats as restless as ever. Motor’s sound is a combination of industrial, dark electro, synth pop and techno; it’s sheer brute force that sonically emulates a tidal wave of steel. The title track is full of vocals filtered through a vocoder layered over a four/four beat that is both electro pop and tech-y, with relentless build ups that promise pumping fists on the dance floor. "Drug Punk” is a rave-y number, with its trance synth melody to the driving 808 beats and psychedelic vocal loops. "20 Volts of Steel” is most similar to their metallic, industrial sound, featuring gamey 303 melodies, cranium bashing beats and twisting static. "Flashback” is an acid workout with ripping, squelching synths and pummelling bass. With remixes for Throbbing Gristle and Marilyn Manson under their belt, Motor join the best of industrial and techno at the hip, then break your poor bones with a sound that can’t help but floor you. (Mute)