Motor Metal Machine

French/American duo Motor have used their latest release, Metal Machine, to strip away the filler and build on raw, unrefined industrial electro. The brash album jumps between progressive tracks that build on wailing, siren-like synths and twisted electronics rising and cresting countless times before their end, and tracks that jump right into it, unleashing an assault of relentless, gutted mechanics and muddy, rumbling synths. It's almost a filthier, unrestrained version of Goose, minus the vocals. Tracks like "Pong" and "Break Out" work the gritty, in-your-face, deranged synths, while the comparatively tamer "Feedback Loop" runs the same loop with an interlude of nervy vocals ("you say you don't like techno, well ain't that a bitch?") seeps through the song. Although some tracks, like "Fire" and "Thwack," border on the duller side of repetitive, the glitch-y, frenetic elements found in the likes of "Schism" and "Death Rave" reclaim the abrasive, accelerated feeling of Metal Machine. (Shitkatapult)