Mother Superior Mother Superior

Although having already existed for a handful of years, Los Angeles-based group Mother Superior is best recognised as the musical accompaniment to Henry Rollins' latest rock assault, Get Some Go Again. Having taken on the production duties for this album, Rollins ensured that no computers, no bullshit and just live, raw, electric rock'n'roll was allowed to occupy the tape's magnetic particles. The heavy Superior barrel through the smog and crappy radio airwaves that hang over the city with the gutsy defiance of Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and the Who. What's also interesting about Mother Superior is that they write some very straightforward, vocal-oriented songs that are more or less unheard of in the past decade. In a way, the rock is so real that something had to be messed with; rest assured it isn't the music or the arrangements itself, just the volume, which was turned right up fucking loud. (Triple X)