Mother Mother "Monkey Tree" on Exclaim! TV

Mother Mother 'Monkey Tree' on Exclaim! TV
Before ascending through the ranks of Canadian indie rock, British Columbia natives Mother Mother were initially an acoustic trio. Looking to start a group to perform his original songs, vocalist Ryan Guldemond enlisted the help of his sister Molly and then-bandmember Debra-Jean Creelman to accompany him. The group later added a rhythm section and Mother Mother was born.

We invited both Ryan and Molly Guldemond, as well as vocalist/keyboardist Jasmin Parkin, to the Exclaim! office to perform an acoustic rendition of "Monkey Tree," a track taken from the band's recently released LP, Very Good Bad Thing.

Starting off with a relaxed acoustic strum pattern, the three bandmates waste no time in putting some impressive vocal harmonies on display — a technique that has very much become a hallmark of the band's sound. Allowing Ryan to go solo through a few bars, the trio effortlessly switches harmonic intervals and keys throughout the song's verses and bridge.

Watch the trio's performance in the player below.

Filmed and edited by Katherine Kwan
Audio by Nash Bussieres