Moses Boyd Dark Matter

Moses Boyd Dark Matter
Multi-award-winning drummer, producer and composer Moses Boyd grew up in South London, spending much of his time studying the work of master drummer Tony Allen while also immersing himself in the production and values of the new genres that were emerging in the city. Mixing his drumming and production skills with contemporary jazz, Boyd's artistry has allowed him to produce, collaborate, and tour with a multitude of artists, including Sampha and Little Simz, and even drop a track with South African gqom artist DJ Lag for the recent Lion King soundtrack.
As with previous releases, his debut solo album Dark Matter also finds its way onto Boyd's own label, Exodus. Dark Matter beautifully showcases the crossover and nuance Boyd has squeezed into the album through recorded swatches of rhythms, creating a tapestry of grime, Afrobeat and sounds of the London underground, combined with his years of training in jazz.
Tracks like "What Now?," with its loosely held melody constructed of flute, soft brass, lithe guitar and slow hits of percussion sit perfectly alongside the brass ensemble and percussive double time and jazz meanderings of "Stranger Than Fiction" and "BTB," as they do the darkly energized synth and cacophony of symbols on "Only You."
As the artist has noted himself, Boyd has finally stepped out of his label as a jazz musician to embrace himself as a producer who also plays jazz. (Independent)