Mortal Nu-En-Jin

Setting out to create a dance record, sole members Jyro and Jerome offer their first output after an eight-year hiatus. An industrial dance record this is, but a more accurate descriptor would be creatively executed electronica. The vocals, although raw and distorted in an industrial manner, for the most part, do have their moments of melodic levity (track four, "Fl0ranclaude," for example). Lyrically, the nihilism of industrial music is also present ("I see the end of the world," they chant in "Dimenshan") and the overall feel is bleak in all of its minor chording. Then once in a while, a trip-hop beat or two will sneak in, putting a unique spin on things. The influence of noisecore and ambient is also apparent, as some tracks have that long and erratic sort of intro or break - a nice punctuation in the rigid structures of the more classic industrial numbers. This one will leave you to guess what comes next with each new cut. (Tooth and Nail)