More Posthumous J Dilla Material Coming Soon

More Posthumous J Dilla Material Coming Soon
Earlier this year, hip-hop producer J Dilla was the source of posthumous material on both The Rebirth of Detroit and Dillatroit. As if that weren't enough, the late legend has more releases on the way.

According to a post on the official Dilla blog, the Delicious Vinyl imprint has signed a partnership with Yancey Media Group to let loose more material under a new banner called "The Lost Scrolls."

Up first will be a digital single called "The Throwaway," which features the Yancey Boys, Dilla's brother Illa J and Frank Nitt, the latter of whom is also the curator of the J Dilla Music Catalogue.

From there, the partnership is planning a 10-inch vinyl record that includes unheard tracks with Dilla producing and rapping, along with a proper release of the previously bootleg-only Frank & Dank release 48 Hours.

On February 9, the Dilla archivists will also throw the second annual Dilla Day in Detroit.