Morceaux de Machines Estrapade

The sophomore album from this Montreal noise improvisation duo (A_Dontigny and Erick D’Orion) enlists the inimitable help of extremist sound artists Diane Labrosse, Otomo Yoshihide and Martin Tétreault to create a titanic excursion into various depths of noisy mayhem and intrigue. Morceaux de Machines use prepared CD’s, amplified turntables, samplers, live electronics and a plethora of effects to create intense layers of piercing and bass-heavy noise, occasionally mixing in elements of other genres, like techno, hip-hop and drum& bass (but never so much to sound diluted, or like a crossover act — these cats are definitely dedicated to the almighty noise factor). The results are all over the place, but never boring or awkward. The noisy techno stomp of "Onanisme” segues nicely into free-noise deconstruction on "Placenta Compressa,” then takes an abrupt turn with the brief drum&bass one-off "Triple Fermentation.” Estrapade is a long, expansive album, but it never dulls, nor does it ever fail in delivering top-quality noise in fucking bucketfuls. (No Type)