Morbide Eenheid Op een booreiland twee jaar geleden

Isn’t the language over in the Netherlands fascinating? Words like "oprotobot” and "knijpt” are commonplace and people are given wicked names like Zlaya and Geert as unblinkingly as Bill and Ted. Besides having pretty flexible tongues and throats, the kids in the Netherlands also seem to know how to rock really fucking well, as this self-released debut EP by Morbide Eenheid clearly attests. Even though it’s only 20 minutes long, Op een booreiland (say it twice fast!) packs enough punch and promise to instantly catapult these young players to the forefront of that critical "Most Likely to Succeed” list in the sky. The instrumental five-piece band combine the best elements of prog rock, post-rock and experimental metal into one highly palatable sound that is as digestible and entertaining as it is rocking and reeling. Part of the band’s success has to do with member Wiechert’s contributions, which includes theremins, saxophones and synthesiser, giving the dual-guitar, bass and drums unit beside him a layer of articulate oddness that keeps things interesting while they hammer out the fine riffs and rhythms that will have you excited about their forthcoming full-length. I’m not sure what Morbide Eenheid means, but to me it translates to "extremely promising group.” (Independent)