Mood Ruff Antartica: Cold Cold World

This EP release from Winnipeg's most prominent crew shows that the work they've been putting in the studio and hooking up with other artists is paying off. "Peoples: We Ain't" is an undeniably funky and horn-laden track from Murr, of Da Grassroots, that the MCs enjoying rhyming over. Other collaborations on this EP include contributions from Rascalz producer Kemo, esoteric Bay Area combo Zion I and protégés Shadez. Even though the EP only contains seven songs, these contributions add rather than detract from the overall product. While there's nothing especially groundbreaking, the combination of tight rhymes over smooth yet bouncy production on "Like To Say" and "Slo Balance" can't really be faulted. As a result, this 'Peg city crew sounds more refined than before and shows that even though they've been around a while, they continue to steadily improve. (Slo Coach)