Montreal's Barn Burner Sign to Metal Blade Records

Montreal's Barn Burner Sign to Metal Blade Records
Another victory for Quebec metal, but this time it's not a technical death/grind band making the news. Rowdy hard rockers Barn Burner have signed to the long-running Metal Blade Records.

We loathe to quote a band's bio but Barn Burner's pretty much sums up the band's sound perfectly when it says the group are "one of the most killer riff machines this side of the three-headed love child of Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy and Fu Manchu." Sounds about right to us.

Metal Blade will be reissuing Barn Burner's debut disc, Bangers, in 2010.

In a press release, guitarist/vocalist Kevin Keegan said, "It's a total honour to be working with such a ruling label; it is one of those crucial goals that you strive for as a band. May our filthy beards and hair grow long together over the years and continue to put out crushing albums!"

Bangers was originally released on Montreal's New Romance for Kids Records earlier this year.