Barn Burner "Scum of the Earth" (video)

Barn Burner 'Scum of the Earth' (video)
Montreal metalheads Barn Burner let the good times roll fast and furious in their new travel-doc-style clip for the raging "Scum of the Earth," off the outfit's recent Bangers II: Scum of the Earth. Throughout the vid, the band pound back brews, blitz away on their instruments on the open waves and play grab ass with a bunch of girls in their moving tour van. FYI, the beach scene is slightly NSFW, as one of those gals forgot her bikini top.

Singer/guitarist Kevin Keegan, meanwhile, gets his mighty mane mussed up at a diner when his reigning metal queen drips maple syrup, ketchup and other condiments all over him. Turns out the only way she knows how to clean him is to lick the goo away.

"We all die some time," he cries of their anything-goes, hard-partying ethos during a military march outro. From those of us who currently living by the credo "Its five o'clock somewhere," we salute you.

Bangers II: Scum of the Earth is out now on Metal Blade.

UPDATE: Due to unforeseen circumstances, Exclaim! has been forced to remove the video for "Scum of the Earth." But it will be available again at a later date.