Montreal Weird-Pop Enthusiast Sean Nicholas Savage Readies Spread Like a Butterfly

Montreal Weird-Pop Enthusiast Sean Nicholas Savage Readies <i>Spread Like a Butterfly</i>
Originally from Edmonton, Montreal-based singer-songwriter Sean Nicholas Savage has been writing and recording complicated yet simple pop songs for a while, though he's always flown under the radar. Hopefully, that will change when Montreal label Arbutus Records releases his new album, later this month.

The record, called Spread Like a Butterfly, continues Savage's streak of endlessly catchy, vaguely off-putting pop. According to a press release, the album follows the strenuous heartbreak that comes with growing up.

"One could view Savage's previous work as a defiant final celebration of a fast-retreating childhood, a final romp in a forest rich with nymphs and coquettes," the release states. "Spread Free Like a Butterfly trades the impulsiveness and fire-breathing of youth for the comforts and indeed the great sadness of a new maturity."

Spread Like a Butterfly will be available on vinyl from Arbutus Records on January 11. The tracks "Dreamers Die Hard" and "Heart Wish" can be heard here.

Spread Like a Butterfly:

1. "Grandson"
2. "Dreamers Die Hard"
3. "Rain in My Brain"
4. "Autumn Comes to Town"
5. "Picturebook"
6. "Movie Star"
7. "Childhood"
8. "My Girl"
9. "Heart Wish"
10. "Kisses Like A Girl"
11. "Baby It's You"
12. "Can't Say That I Love Her"