Monsterbator The Rock House, St. John's NL, April 27

Monsterbator The Rock House, St. John's NL, April 27
Photo: Roberto Granados-Ocon
This is what controlled chaos sounds like. If David Yow was dead, his spirit would be housed in the clean-cut frame of Andrew Waterman and his face would melt off fronting the dynamic demolition set off by Monsterbator. But David Yow is alive, God love him. He deserves a statue.

If David Yow had a statute, Monsterbator would be called in to play the unveiling ceremony. The drums and bass would work together, rumbling and rolling forth until chunks of the statue's foundation were dust. The electric guitar would stab out the eyes and slice the nose off of the face of the David Yow statue. The keyboards would have no impact on the statue. The statue of David Yow would be tougher than any fucking keyboards.

But Monsterbator would make a lot of fans at the ceremony celebrating dead David Yow and everyone's minds would be blown. Having said all that, long live David Yow. And viva Monsterbator, the best hard rock band in St. John's.