Monotonix Singer Ami Shalev "Finally" Breaks His Leg Mid-Concert

Monotonix Singer Ami Shalev 'Finally' Breaks His Leg Mid-Concert
Israeli rockers Monotonix are well known for their raucous live show, with front-man Ami Shalev spending more time throwing himself into the crowd than onstage. Given his full-throttle approach to performing, it was only a matter of time before someone got hurt.

Unfortunately, last night (January 27), Shalev's rowdy behaviour caught up with him. The New Times Broward/Palm Beach [via Brooklyn Vegan] reports that the singer when down only 15 minutes into his band's set at Respectable Street in Orlando, FL, calling for a doctor while hecklers yelled that he was a "pussy" and should "suck it up."

Eventually it turned out that there was a doctor in attendance, and after a bag of ice was produced from behind the bar, Shalev insisted that he could complete the show from a sitting position. Eventually paramedics showed up with a stretcher and the show was cut short.

Even Shalev seemed to realize that this injury was an inevitable consequence of his chaotic live performance. As he told the crowd, "I think we finally managed to make history. After more than 700 shows, I think I finally broke my leg." You can see a video of the aftermath below.

Of course, this puts the rest of Monotonix's tour in jeopardy. As of press time, the band have not yet announced whether they will be playing tonight's show in Athens, GA. Knowing Shalev, however, he'll be back to his crowd-surfing ways before long, so try not to get hit in the head by his cast.

Tour dates currently scheduled:

1/28 Athens, GA - 40 Watts

1/29 Charlotte, NC - Snug Harbor

1/30 Asheville, NC - Rocket Club

3/3 Sydney, Australia - Annandale Hotel

3/4 Melbourne, Australia - Ding Dong Lounge

3/5 Geelong, Australia - The National Hotel

3/6 Meredith, Australia - Golden Plains Festival

3/7 Peak Crossing, Australia - The Lost Weekend Festival

5/14 Minehead, UK - ATP Festival