Monotonix Body Language

Power punk trio Monotonix may hail from Tel Aviv but the sound of their new EP, Body Language, is pure Pacific Northwest, circa the early ’90s. Besides the occasional vague allusion to the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Montonoix thunder forward with grunge guitar riffage and gritty, near-metal drumming that offsets a touch of groove. The most subtle example of the band’s ability to swing arrives with "Deadly Weapon,” which apes the beat for Fugazi’s "Burning,” along with the sludgy exuberance of Bleach-era Nirvana, for a rhythmically interesting stomp. Singer Ami Shalev doesn’t possess the most distinctive voice but hints of Bon Scott give him a particular edge on songs like "No Metal,” which is off-kilter blues led by Yonatan Gat’s screeching axe. With "Lowest Dive” and "On the Road” morphing between hip-shaking jams and straight-up classic rock, Body Language shows off the varied range of Monotonix. (Drag City)