Momus Snubs His Fans In Vampire Weekend

Momus Snubs His Fans In Vampire Weekend
With a record on XL, a world tour and a hefty 8.8 score on Pitchfork, Vampire Weekend are riding mighty high right now — but this doesn’t mean Momus has to like ’em.

In response to a fan letter from the young New Yorkers, the always outspoken, eye-patch wearin’ Scot took the opportunity via his blog to voice his distaste for the "preppy, snappy, witty quartet” and explains how he just "doesn’t really like their music.”

Without the right producer to give the band "enough experimental edge,” Momus said, "Vampire Weekend will have to join the crowd of hyped, connected and connecting artists — the Arcade Fire, Sufjan Stevens, the Arctic Monkeys. I wish no ill upon but filter out in favour of commercial non-starters — the struggling, doomed, risky artists I love and nobody else seems to.”

But Vampire Weekend shouldn’t take it so hard, as in the entry Momus also goes into detail on how he once blew off a young Pulp, a pre-Tigermilk Belle & Sebastian, and Of Montreal "before they became bare-penised Australian steak barons.”

Now, perhaps, Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig will post a retort via his old college blog, Internet Vibes, where Ezra once would "categorize as many vibes as I can” and where his "favorite kinds of music are rap and rock.” Funnily enough, you can link to Momus’s LiveJournal page via Internet Vibes to see his words first hand.

Vampire Weekend "A-Punk”

Momus "Nervous Heartbeat”