Momus "Where Are We Now?" (video) (David Bowie cover)

Momus 'Where Are We Now?' (video) (David Bowie cover)
David Bowie only just announced his new LP The Next Day, along with its lead-off single "Where Are We Now?", but we're already being treated to a cover version from outsider pop experimenter Momus. The long-running solo performer has whipped up a synthy redo of the Bowie song, as well as a video.

The cover is heavy on oscillated synth-bass and faux symphony strings, while Momus sings those lyrics about meeting up at the Potsdamer Platz in a fairly accurate, hushed and tender Bowie impersonation. The back-end of the track gets funky and fuzzed-out, though, so make sure you check it out in full.

The video, meanwhile, showcases Roddy McDowall's 1968 home film of a make-up session for the Planet of the Apes, because why the hell not?