Moka Only Preps 'Airport 6,' Offers Up Album Stream

Moka Only Preps 'Airport 6,' Offers Up Album Stream
Late last year, Vancouver-based rapper Moka Only partnered up with fellow West Coast MC Evil Ebenezer as ZZBRA, and he also issued the team-up LP Bridges with Ayatollah this past April. The dude is getting back to his solo stuff a little later this month, though, when he returns to his long-running Airport series.

The prolific rhymer will issue Airport 6 September 18 through Urbnet. As the title implies, this is the sixth instalment of the series, which was started back in 2007.

While it's mostly a solo jam, Moka managed to rope in iconic De La Soul member Plug 2 for album track "Mr. Megahustle." There's still some time before you can grab the album proper, but you can sample "Mr. Megahustle," as well as the rest of the effort, in the stream down below.

Also, you can pre-order the album now in a few different formats, with a digital code being paired up with a 7-inch, T-shirt, fridge magnet, or all of the items in a deluxe combo. You can order the record here.

Airport 6:

1. Sleeping Dogs

2. Ain't Broken

3. Back Back

4. The Tighten Up

5. Resistance

6. I'm In Space

7. Mr. Megahustle (Featuring Plug 2)

8. Still Gotcha 

9. So Phenomenal

10. Like That 

11. Goin' Down

12. To Keep Us Rollin'