Moi Caprice The Art of Kissing Properly

Is it wrong that when I listen to Moi Caprice I just want to tear the album from my player and throw in the new Arcade Fire? These dancing vocal melodies and floating strings pale in comparison to Montreal’s heroes but I wouldn’t be doing my job if I just tossed it aside due to that one comparison, I also would be missing out, well, maybe just a little. Although they sound like a smaller and more subdued version of the Arcade Fire, Copenhagen, Denmark’s Moi Caprice intend to leave their mark on the world of indie rock (they’ve been topping the charts in their home country since 2002). Teeny guitar tingling and resonating vocals may not be that groundbreaking when you get this far into North America but they certainly aren’t doing anything wrong. "Wish You Were Her” has tantalising Death Cab for Cutie-esque lyrics and the sombre chords and bass lines lull you towards sleep gracefully. The rest of the album doesn’t pick up but the guitar chords and keyboard notes nap in simplistic beauty and have moments of sheet rolling lust. The last track, "Down by the River,” has an intriguing bass line that makes me wonder if tagging the term "post-rock” to this eloquent album, their third full-length, will do it any good. But when it comes down to it, what I call it can’t really change the fact that Moi Caprice are ready to make waves, so watch out or get in the water. (Glorious)