Mo'Horizons Sunshine Today

If you’re looking for some inspired but chilled-out music for your home, look no further than this record. Or if you’re a deep house DJ looking for some funky tracks to get people’s feet moving, you will definitely find them here. Mo’Horizons have been around the block and back again, demonstrating a lot of experience as musicians, and that’s clear after listening to their newest album Sunshine Today. There’s luminosity and sheer virtue in the ingenuity of their music, while the album includes soulful, jazzy, salsa and lounge sounds moving through a seriously funky mixed bag of tracks. Mo’Horizons have continued to release consecutive albums every other year since 1999, and the practice has paid off. These songs occasionally go off the hook in their vision and the gorgeously rhythmic use of instruments emanates sunshine. Hand drums underline the instruments, which include horns, piano, guitars and at least seven vocalists. Later tracks glide into a relaxed beach vibe (like Ninja Tune chill-meisters the Herbaliser) and beyond. (Agogo)