Modulok Cities & Years

Could "Your Boyfriend's A Cokehead" be Modulok's breakthrough song? It's certainly his best yet, even if it is more in keeping with his newer, mellower sound rather than his dark and destructive previous output with Red Ants. Following "Cool and Deadly," an intro track that actually introduces the two MCs (Modulok and frequent collaborator Apollo Creed) comes "Your Boyfriend's A Cokehead," putting to good use a great Leon Murphy beat (he produces all eight tracks), anchored by a mournful sax sample that sounds freaked through a synth. The lyrics are from the heart and will be easy to appreciate by anyone who has watched the girl of their dreams date the wrong guy (in other words, about half the population). Girls and love continue to dominate the rest of the album, although the chill old school vibe of "Timewalker" is the best background for a track about nostalgia, emphasizing the need to live in the present and not the past, while album closer "Keep Moving" has Modulok, Apollo Creed and Abyss discussing how they sometimes embrace the sorrow that nostalgia can bring. With a tight flow and simple delivery, Modulok continues to prove why he deserves to be classed amongst the best in Canada, installing a sense of grittiness to these honest confessionals about love and despair equally as well as when he adds it to a verbal beat down of wack MCs, the government or any other deserving folk. Stop sleeping already. (Takaba)