Modest Mouse "Lampshades on Fire"

Modest Mouse 'Lampshades on Fire'
Modest Mouse's new album has been a very long time coming, but with Strangers to Ourselves finally due out on March 3, we've now got the lead single, "Lampshades on Fire."

The song sounds like, well, Modest Mouse. There's a faint reggae skank to the electric piano plunks, while the wordless "ba ba" intro recalls "The World at Large," and there's a distinct whiff of "Float On" to the meaty boom-thwack beat.

Hear it over at 97 the Current.

UPDATE: You can now listen to "Lampshades on Fire" below, as well as pre-order the digital version of the 15-track album on iTunes here and the double-LP here at Glacial Pace.