Modeselektor Return with 'Modeselektion Vol. 3'

Modeselektor Return with 'Modeselektion Vol. 3'
Forward-thinking German electronic duo Modeselektor continue to produce a great deal of original music and are still extremely active. They were recently documented in a film, but that doesn't seem to be enough output for the group. Instead, they've joined forces for another compilation in their ongoing Modeselektion series.

The third volume in the series is arguably the group's most diverse mix yet, with contributions from Fennesz, Nosaj Thing, the Fall, To Rococo Rot, Howling, Illum Sphere, Alex Banks and Omar Souleyman, among many others.

In a press release, the duo said they don't overthink their selections, pointing out that it "boils down to whatever we think is hot." Further, they said that this edition is "all about a little less in-your-face and a touch more schmaltz, but the usual dose of head and heart."

Modeselektion Vol. 3 will arrive on June 27 via the band's own Monkeytown Records label. Check out the genre-hopping tracklisting below.

Modeselektion Vol. 3:

Disc one:

1. Fennesz - "TOM"
2. Nosaj Thing - "Dy"
3. Solar Year - "Way"
4. The Fall - "Fibre Book Troll"
5. To Rococo Rot - "Miles an Hour"
6. Cid Rim - "Pastis"
7. Akkord - "Gradient"
8. Robot Koch - "Sun"
9. Howling - "Signs"
10. Born In Flamez - "Time Hurtz"

Disc two:

1. L-Vis 199 - "Funk 4D"
2. Schlachthofbronx - "Volumen" (ft. Buraka Som Sistema)
3. Illum Sphere - "Bullet"
4. French Fries - "Shift"
5. Alex Banks - "Be The One" (ft. Elizabeth Bernholz)
6. Onra - "Blast"
7. Henrik Schwarz - "We Are Bankrupt"
8. Brandt Brauer Frick - "Jungle Love" (ft. Vic Mensa and Om'Mas Keith)
9. Omar Souleyman - "Edamat" (Modeselektor Edit)