Modeselektor Explore Dubstep with New Modeselektion Series

Modeselektor Explore Dubstep with New <i>Modeselektion</i> Series
As anyone who heard their 2009 Body Language release knows, Berlin-based electronic masterminds Modeselektor can compile a mean mix. Sure, we love them first for their ground-breaking albums, but those releases come so rarely that anything with the Modeselektor stamp is worth some attention. That's why we're pleased to announce Modeselektion, a series of compilations coming from the duo this year.

The series kicks off with Vol. 1, an 18-track release that attempts to portray "the progression of dubstep's offsprings and related, or unrelated but similar sounding, techno producers in London, Berlin, or elsewhere." With a tracklisting that includes everyone from Shed to Apparat, we can't really wait to get our hands on this playlist.

In a press release, the duo added of Vol. 1, "The main concern in all of this was the idea of defying genres and the usual beef between different camps, i.e. to create without borders and be completely freestyle. When we now look at the line-up on this CD, it pretty much goes down like oil."

Modeselektion Vol. 1 will be released on November 5 via Monkeytown Records.

Modeselektion Vol. 1:

1. Siriusmo "Das Geheimnis"

2. SBTRKT "The Unspoken"

3. Feadz "The Assistant Manager"

4. Tadd Mulinix & Daniel Meteo "The Good Star"

5. Robag Wruhme "Bierholer"

6. 2562 "The Wind Up"

7. eLan ""Pussy Posse"

8. Cosmin TRG "Space Station Love Affair"

9. Shed "With Bag And Baggage"

10. Apparat "King Of Clubs"

11. Marcel Dettmann "Lyrate"

12. Ikonika & Optimum "Hum"

13. Modeselektor "VW Jetta"

14. Ramadanman "Pitter"

15. Digital Mystikz-Mala "Explorer"

16. Bok Bok "Say Stupid Things"

17. Housemeister "Kristall"

18. Cylob "Pepper Spray" (Capsicum Edit)