Mocktigers Dead In A Warm Place

The second release from Austin's Mocktigers has my rock'n'roll heart torn in two. The six-track EP combines new wave dance rock with deep punkabilly vocals that transform my fire engine red stilettos into muddy Chucks on the dance floor. Chunky guitars and sweaty, catchy choruses beautifully accentuate the dark content and gothic feel of this EP. Title track "Dead In A Warm Place" and album single "One In A Million" are dirty little teases, insinuating a band that can tear it up on the live stage. This is pretty much five tracks of pure kick-ass, with one bangin' remix destined for gritty bars with cheap drinks and an ample supply of Labatt 50. It's a jacked up and more focused version of their earlier material, which is equally fun, but boasts more bark and bang for your buck. Matt Skiba would definitely approve. (Mock Pit)