Moby Says He Rubbed His Bare Penis on Donald Trump at a Party

Moby Says He Rubbed His Bare Penis on Donald Trump at a Party
Moby's upcoming memoir Then It Fell Apart is likely going to provide plenty of absurd anecdotes when it arrives tomorrow (May 2). As a warm up, here's a story about the performer touching the president of the United States of America.

Yes, Moby's dick was pressed up against Donald Trump at a party when the latter was still a real-estate mogul turned reality television villain.

In an excerpt shared by The Times, Moby said he was at a party when his friends dared him to hit Trump with a "knob-touch," which he said is "when you take your penis out of your pants at a party and brush it up against someone."

"'Shit,' I said, realizing I now had to knob-touch Donald Trump," Moby wrote. "I drank a shot of vodka to brace myself, pulled my flaccid penis out of my pants, and casually walked past Trump, trying to brush the edge of his jacket with my penis. Luckily he didn't seem to notice or even twitch."

"'Did you do it?' [Moby's friend] Clarice asked. 'I think so. I think I knob-touched Donald Trump,'" Moby wrote.

People magazine reached out to the White House for comment from the president on whether or not Moby touched him with his dick, but he hasn't weighed in just yet.

Then It Fell Apart will be published by Faber & Faber on May 2.