Mixmaster Mike Return of the Cyclops

Eye of the Cyclops is one of Mixmaster Mike’s most stellar recordings, and possibly his finest accomplishment when he released it in 2000. The lightning-fast, high-octane EP packed even more punch than his full-length, Anti-Theft Device, with more twists and turns and overall depth musically. For those that slept on the initial opportunity to hear this stunning display of wax-manipulation, there’s a second and tastier chance to hear what you’ve missed. Asphodel has re-released Mike’s effort under the name Return of the Cyclops and as a bonus treat the label has latched on bonus cuts, including his "Suprize Packidge” B-sides as well as portions of the Valuemeal 12 inch Combo Deluxe record. The later is a fury of chops and intense scratching that was only available on vinyl up until now and is also out of print. Return of the Cyclops might just be a chance for Asphodel to squeeze a bit more life out of Mixmaster Mike’s back catalogue, but it’s compiled very nicely and turns Eye of the Cyclops into a fuller release. It’s also a good opportunity for fans that tuned into Mike’s bizarre cut-up world a little bit later to get their hands on some of his more rare tracks. (Asphodel)