Mister Heavenly Reveal 'Out of Love' LP

Mister Heavenly Reveal 'Out of Love' LP
Last fall, indie rock supergroup Mister Heavenly announced that they had signed with Sub Pop. The group, which feature Man Man's Ryan Kattner (aka Honus Honus), Islands' Nick Thorburn and Modest Mouse's Joe Plummer, went on tour soon after, revealing a special celebrity bassist, in teen heartthrob Michael Cera. After all that hype, the group are finally gearing up to release their debut LP.

The album is called Out of Love, and will be released on Sub Pop this summer. The 12-song tracklisting includes "Mister Heavenly" and "Pineapple Girl," both of which can be heard here.

While it's unclear if Michael Cera is a full-time member or not, we're guessing he had something to do with the album's recording. After all, the third track is called "Charlyne," which is no doubt a reference to his Paper Heart co-star and rumoured ex-girlfriend Charlyne Yi.

Out of Love will be available on August 16.

Out of Love:

1. "Bronx Sniper"
2. "I Am a Hologram"
3. "Charlyne"
4. "Mister Heavenly"
5. "Harm You"
6. "Reggae Pie"
7. "Pineapple Girl"
8. "Diddy Eyes"
9. "Hold My Hand"
10. "Doom Wop"
11. "Your Girl"
12. "Wise Men"