Mister Heavenly "Mister Heavenly" / "Pineapple Girl"

Mister Heavenly 'Mister Heavenly' / 'Pineapple Girl'
A couple of months ago we flipped our wigs over the news that Man Man vocalist Honus Honus, Islands frontman Nick Thorburn and Modest Mouse skinsman Joe Plummer got together to form the supergroup Mister Heavenly. Then our geek-out meters sky-rocketed after watching footage of troupe's first shows featuring nerdy Scott Pilgrim star Michael Cera on the bass. While we got a taste of the group's brand of doom wop through those vids, we're currently freaking over some newly released studio sessions.

Band anthem "Mister Heavenly" doesn't quite conjure up much doom, what with its sock-hop sing-along's and juiced-up backbeat, but the giddy primer sets up the 50s-inflected band quite nicely.

You can stream the song below or get a free download of the cut, along with the track "Pineapple Girl," for the price of an email address.

As of yet, the debut album by Mister Heavenly is without a release date.