Missy D Releases Bilingual New Single "Case Départ"

It's the first single from her upcoming francophone EP

BY James MartensPublished Mar 29, 2022

Bilingual MC Missy D — a 2021 Exclaim! New Fave — has dropped a new single, "Case Départ," along with an accompanying video directed by Michael P Vidler. The track comes out ahead of an upcoming EP, which will be her first francophone release.

"The project will touch on childhood, nostalgia, grief, homesickness, longing for others through the pandemic, and pushing through the overthinking moments and celebrating the little steps you make," the MC said of her forthcoming EP. "That forward motion. This is just the beginning of something special."

She added:

It all starts somewhere, so here it goes, let me reintroduce myself. My name is Missy D, Je m'appelle Missy D, and here is: voici Case Départ. I started rapping in French when I was 11. This art form has taught me so much, even a whole language (English) in which I rap constantly now. But let's embrace the source, the beginnings, and where it all started.

Appropriately enough for a project about going back to the start, the latest track features a chorus referencing the nursery rhyme "1, 2, 3 nous irons au bois," as well as a later reference to Naughty by Nature classic "Hip Hop Hooray."

The accompanying video also harkens back to a certain golden age of '90s hip-hop videos. Vidler said about the video: "There's something about the song itself that immediately took me back to those gritty and raw music videos. They feel spontaneous and unrestricted in their approach, and that's what I tapped into."

Watch the video for "Case Départ" below.

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