Misguided Aggression Flood the Common Ground

Misguided Aggression are a small-town southern Ontario band with a global ambition and a sound that deserves to travel across the planet. Flood the Common Ground follows a debut release on Year of the Sun and a handful of self-released material. Citing Pantera, Meshuggah and Lamb of God as their primary influences, the band are looking to fill some pretty big shoes. Luckily for them, they're doing a bang-up job. Flood the Common Ground shows a group that have paid their dues and developed a level of musical proficiency and pummelling raw heaviness to rival the acts they've grown up with. Remember that scene in Scanners when that guy's head explodes? Misguided Aggression make the kind of kinetic, so-heavy-your-ears-bleed metal that achieves the same effect. Besides creating completely vicious metal, Misguided Aggression have the talent to match their love of the craft. Randy Allcock and Ben Dobson's pinch harmonics would make Dimebag himself smile, while the rest of the band keep time like a watch counting down to the apocalypse. As for Rob DeMedeiros' vocals, I'm not sure what they put in the water in Woodstock, but his range of thundering screams and demon growls suggest holy water isn't in any of the town's wells. Prediction for 2012: Misguided Aggression join Endast and a handful of other bands as Canada's metal saviours. (Year of the Sun)