Misguided Fuggets (1981-1984)

Misguided were one of New York’s original thrash bands that have become somewhat of a missing link throughout the years, but have now resurfaced thanks to Mad at the World. The immediacy and raw abrasion that drove Misguided is captured well in this compilation of studio, demo and live material, and as soon as "Doomsday” kicks in, it’s evident that this is an album that must be heard. With some songs lasting less than a minute, Fuggets provides a 35-song auditory history into part of the New York hardcore scene. The demo material is a gripping documentation of the weighted sound and sonic power that the Misguided rode upon, although it’s important to note that while the Misguided were a significant part of the NYHC scene they didn’t consider themselves part of the muscle-bound machismo camp typically aligned with that era of New York’s music history. There is ample live material here and it’s well-recorded, which makes this retrospective an invaluable resource for anyone looking to get the best of both worlds when it comes to the Misguided. (Mad at the World)