Your Demons — Their Angels

BY Bill WhishPublished Oct 28, 2008

Miseration are a Swedish quintet fronted by Scar Symmetry vocalist Christian Alvestam that have banded together in an attempt to churn out some death metal. It’s not surprising that this album sounds quite similar to Alvestam’s other band, just with a bit more death metal and less of the cleaner vocal style that Scar Symmetry employ. Metal fans turned off by the singing in Scar Symmetry may find solace here, although Alvestam still actually sings instead of growls at a few points with Miseration. Your Demons — Their Angels is nothing overly unique but is a damn decent death metal delicacy done by veterans of the scene. What you’re getting sounds akin to any of your standard melodic death albums, peppered with a few instances of clean vocals. For now, stick with Scar Symmetry’s impressive 2008 release, Holographic Universe, as that album has a little more variation than this entertaining but all-too-familiar-sounding offering.

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