Mirah Joyride: Remixes

When you mix singer-songwriters on K Records with some inventive electronic artists the results are usually pretty good, as was proven by the Blow’s fun Paper Television. Transfering that idea to the equally idiosyncratic Mirah has some surprisingly successful moments that don’t make this remix collection necessarily essential but it’s still heartily entertaining. Starting the roll call is Guy Sigsworth’s incredible take on "La Familia,” where, behind a light and bright electronic line, he adds on varying instruments, taking the song and buffing it to an incredible shine where all one wants to do is smile. Another triumph is the retake of "Dogs of Ba,” where some gauzy samples simmer underneath Mirah’s evocative pining, making it seem like no other version of this song should ever exist. But the best is left, as Y.A.C.H.T.’s remix of "Jerusalem” has little to anything to do with original, which is great. You don’t know if it’s his voice or Mirah’s voice slowed to a crawl, but juxtaposing that lazy vocal delivery with clunky, blunt beats makes for a mini-masterpiece of cut and paste. Remix albums were made for mad scientist moments like this, but, again, if only the entire album were as inspired. (K)