Minny Pops Drastic Measures, Drastic Movements

If "I want to be a machine / I want to be a Minny Pop” were the only words sung/spoken in a thick Dutch accent on "Minny Pops,” the first song (following a rather industrial introduction) on Minny Pops’ reissued 1979 debut, it would still be an uptight classic of the kooky minimal New Wave variety. But thankfully, Amsterdam’s forgotten art-punk era terrorists (think the Residents, the Flying Lizards and Cabaret Voltaire) had no shortage of interesting and provocative musical and lyrical ideas, so they added a full verse of cold listlessness near the end of their blatantly ironic signature tune. There’s a surprisingly warm pop sensibility to Minny Pops’ contemplative noise-bursts, fractured synth-pop and funky mechanics that only makes this reissue that much more in time with what’s been happening lately in the way of North America’s unfolding post-wave movement. Check out the booty-moving clank of "Mono” for an indication that these four dudes were swept under new wave’s rug and deserve far more attention and recognition. (LTM)