Millz Dopamine: A Vivid Dream

Millz Dopamine: A Vivid Dream
It's quite apparent what will be mixed in Toronto native Millz's cup this summer, as is so fluently articulated on his debut album, Dopamine: A Vivid Dream. "This is lean music," the artist spits in a syrup-induced spell through the speakers.

The BBE Records artist, housed alongside artists like DJ Jazzy Jeff and, supplies his 12-track album with seductive repartee over electro-inspired beats that drip in harmonious synths, like a Canadian Kid Cudi. The sound, refreshingly light in its delivery, showcases room for growth, but is not a bad effort for a debut LP.

Starting off the sticky-icky project with "Dope," Millz sets the tone for the substance-heavy effort; his smooth flow that carries him over the wave of each dream-like beat through the concept of a night in Toronto. While many pink Sprite-sipping artists draw inspiration from the south for such projects, Dopamine is a northern hallucination, paying homage to the city he hails from.

Injected with production by Slakah The Beatchild, who also engineered the project in its entirety, the Canadian production great takes a triple-threat approach to the album, adding his smooth melodious vocals on "Her" and hometown anthem "Yonge Street." The musical relationship between both Millz and Slakah seems effortless collaboration throughout the album.

"Ain't Getting Nothin" is the project's standout single, keeping it in the GTA family by adding Toronto-singer Geneva's vocals to the hook of the uptempo electro-soul sampled groove that is easy to move to.

Dopamine is appropriately named, as the light-hearted project is a refreshing break from the burst of moody melodies made popular in the Canadian hip-hop sound. Millz's addition may just be a dope soundtrack to a dope summer. (BBE)