Milla Thyme Tries to Do It All on 'Everything Has Its Thyme'

Milla Thyme Tries to Do It All on 'Everything Has Its Thyme'
As the first signs of warmer days are finally starting to show, Montreal-based musician Milla Thyme has offered his fresh and crisp debut LP, Everything Has Its Thyme. Heralding the impending arrival of summer, the album is reflective of his upbringing in Toronto and influenced by his current life in Montreal. He offers an amalgam of sounds that often intertwine well with his storytelling.

Milla Thyme, also known as Maxwell Miller, has been a player in the Montreal scene for a while now, including with the Urban Science Brass Band and collaborating with improv collective Kalmunity. Everything Has Its Time shows off his skills and creativity with soulful hip-hop that has a special Montreal flair to it. His music is shaped by the places he visited and the people he's met. Opening with "W.O.M.E.N.," a tale of modern dating, the song invites us to slow down and listen to his lyrical prowess. Through every song, the rapper delivers a specific vibe, with some strong Anderson .Paak and Mac Miller influence in the mix. On "3 Dimensions," Milla Thyme revisits his life in Toronto through a soulful beat. In standout "Straight to You," he sings about his experience through the Montréal music scene, brought to life with a slow-burning intensity.

Thyme also struggles to find a cohesive identity on the album. Understandably, he wants to explore every genre and style possible. On "Borders," the production lacks direction, and his mellow voice is lost under multiple arrangements. "Heaven Looks Like," a gospel-heavy track, doesn't find its place on the album and is eclipsed by much stronger tracks. The lack of direction makes it difficult to make sense of where Thyme wants to go.

Nevertheless, Thyme impresses on his debut LP, and he'll have listeners craving more of his soulful voice and funk vibe. Now is his time to take his place in the blooming Montreal rap and R&B scenes. (Urbnet)