Miguel Responds to Past Sexual Assault Allegations

Miguel Responds to Past Sexual Assault Allegations
Photo: Joshua Peter Grafstein
Back in March of this year, Miguel was accused of sexual assault by a woman named Xian Bass, who claimed the vocalist exposed her without consent after taking a photo with her. After Miguel chalked up the allegations to people "looking for attention in the wrong ways," they have been brought forth again in a new profile.

In a Spin piece on the musician, the publication spoke to Bass about what happened following her accusations. She told the publication that she filed a police report in Barstow, CA, upon which she was told by the department that "other women have to come forward" for the investigation to proceed.

"I didn't want to [file the report] because black lives matter," Bass told Spin. "I [didn't] want to because I do not want to put another brown man in jail. I [didn't] want to because I [didn't] want to be re-traumatized by going to law enforcement. However, yes, I did. I didn't want to, but I do know that for other people who may have been abused or assaulted or whatever, maybe this will help them as well."

When asked by TMZ about the incident back in March, Miguel said: "I think we're just in a time where just…people are really looking for attention in the wrong ways...In this age, I guess, you just gotta be more aware of how things can be and how things can be spun."

Following the Spin profile this week, Miguel wrote in a statement delivered through his publicist. It reads, "I felt I had already addressed how bizarre and twisted this accusation was when I was asked about it in March. Her story of what transpired is not accurate and the accusation is unfair and unwarranted."

He declined requests for a follow-up interview.

Miguel delivered his War & Leisure LP at the start of this month.