Miguel "Simplethings" (live on 'Fallon')

Miguel 'Simplethings' (live on 'Fallon')
Last night (September 14), Los Angeles R&B god Miguel blessed late night TV with a performance of his Wildheart bonus cut "Simplethings." As that title may imply, the stripped-down run-through on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon was simply stated, but no less stunning than any other Miguel performance.

As you'll see down below, Miguel opted to use an acoustic guitar on the track, rather than the blistering fuzz affixed to the studio recording. To be fair, though, his backup guitarist added a bit of chunky strummin'.

Owing to the ballad's goal to have Mig smoking with his baby, the stage floor was flooded with fog.

Miguel also took part in a game show sketch with Fallon, Benicio Del Toro and Jessica Alba, and was featured in a Tonight Show online segment called "My First Album," in which he discussed an old Boyz II Men LP. You can peep all of the action down below.