Miguel "Candle in the Sun" (video)

Miguel 'Candle in the Sun' (video)
While Miguel's big hit "Adorn" is about as sensual a song as you can get, the R&B smoothie's new Kaleidoscope Dream single, "Candle in the Sun," is the decidedly more pensive. The think-piece, which questions where society is headed in these troubled times, now has an equally moody video for us to ruminate on.

Mixing hope with tragedy, the black and white vid is a smorgasbord of conflicting visuals. A montage brings together shots of crack smoking, police brutality, gun violence, soldiers' tombstones, and the Sandy-damaged East Coast — all of which bring a soundstage-scouring Miguel to his knees in anguish. Throughout it all, though, we also find people taking solace in the many words of god to get them through the tough times.

"It's so easy to ignore what's right in front of us sometimes. I wanted to create a song and visual that addressed my everyday concerns of life as I know it in the world that we live in," Miguel said in a statement.