Phil Elverum Announces "New (Old) Microphones Album"

Phil Elverum  Announces 'New (Old) Microphones Album'
Having given the work of the Microphones the vinyl reissue treatment back in 2013, Phil Elverum is looking back at some of the project's earliest work with a new compilation. Titled Early Tapes, 1996-1998, the "new (old) Microphones album" will arrive early next month.

Running 16 tracks in length, the album collects material that appeared on cassette recordings before "all the other Microphones stuff." A description on Elverum's webstore reveals, "there were a few rough and uncommon tapes released back then. This LP collects the best parts of those tapes...A new (old) Microphones album out of nowhere!"

Early Tapes, 1996-1998 will arrive on December 9, with physical and digital editions now available for pre-order. Physical copies of the record will include a poster with notes and reflections and context and lyrics and photos from the archives. 

Read through the tracklist to hear "Compressor" in the player below.

Early Years, 1996-1998:

1. Teenage Moustache
2. So Wrong
3. Nightly
4. the Creeps
5. 5 String Attack
6. Beautiful Face
7. For Kaye, June 6
8. Night Time
9. (bass)
10. Microphone pt. 1
11. drums tape loop with bass
12. Feedback Loop
13. Compressor
14. Microphone pt. 2
15. Rebirth on Tape Deck Mountain
16. Wires And Cords